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Protecting Yourself Against Police Harassment & Abuse

Do you want to know your rights against police harassment?

Have you been abused and you want to prove police harassment, get a lawyer and file charges?

If YES, here are 16 sure ways to eventually put an end to most police harassment!

The media and online forums are full with stories of individuals that have been victimized by the police. Today, the issue of police harassment and abuse is no longer news. Now what can you do to stop police harassment and abuse? Read this article!

The police are empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect lives and property, and limit civil disorder; while abiding by the law themselves.

But ironically, in many places today, innocent civilians have fallen victim to various forms of misconduct by the police, misconduct that can go beyond the boundaries of their job and conduct harassing behavior. It’s only unfortunate that these victims are being terrorized by the same people who should be protecting them in the first place.

* And always remember: From the very onset of your interaction with any police officers, ask them if you are being detained, what for, and inform them that you will not talk about whatever you are being detained for without the presence of an attorney.

No matter how afraid or confused you may feel, stick to this rule. The Police are not your advocate or your friend either before or after you have been detained. 

What is Police Harassment?

An act of police harassment can be described as a conduct that has no legitimate law enforcement purpose and which may cause a victim to suffer fear or emotional distress.

Types of Police Harrassment

Police misconduct, which includes harassment and abuse of civilians, refers to any inappropriate action taken by police officers in connection with their duties.

Examples of such inappropriate actions include 1) abuse of power, 2) lying against the accused even when under oath, 3) selective enforcement, 4) false arrest, 5) falsified evidence, 6) intimidation, 7) false imprisonment, 8) police brutality, 9) racial profiling, 10) police corruption, 11) surveillance abuse, etc. and so on.

Police harassment also involves an attempt to coerce someone into admitting complicity in a crime, or by threatening or intimidating a person to obtain information.

Police harassment or misconduct can lead to a miscarriage of justice and sometimes involves discrimination and or illegal motives of discrimination combined as obstruction of justice.

Police harassment can take a variety of forms and can involve diverse victims.

Some common examples of police harassment include: 1) Illegal spying or placing certain people under surveillance, 2) racial or ethnic profiling, 3) use of brute or excessive force, 4) making racist, sexist or homophobic comments, 5) illegal detention, 6) illegal search and seizure, and so on.

If you have been a victim of police harassment in the past, you would agree that it’s always a frightening and unsettling experience, which makes you feel helpless. And if you don’t do something to stop it, chances are you will fall victim again and again. Below are tips on how you can stop police harassment and abuse:

Don't Be A Victim: Ways to Stop Police Harassment & Abuse:

1. Understand your rights

If you don’t understand your rights as a civilian, you will be forced to believe that many wrongdoings by the police are right. And in that case, you won’t even know that you are being victimized. You can visit the nearest police department or contact a well-known police officer to make enquiry about citizen’s rights. Most officers are happy to let you know your rights as a civilian.

Alternatively, and more specifically, always contact an attorney to make enquiry or get a copy of the constitution or criminal law code for your state and learn what your rights are.

Equipping yourself with knowledge of what a police officer can do and cannot do to you is your first line of defense against subsequent episodes of police harassment and abuse.

2. Get yourself bailed if you were detained

If you have been a victim of police harassment and you were subsequently arrested during the proceedings, the first thing you have to do before going ahead to prove your case is to get yourself released on bail.

This part may require you to just sign an agreement that you would be available for all your court sittings. This type of bail is generally free especially - if you are a first offender.

You can equally work with a criminal defense attorney to affect your release if one was appointed to you. You also may be able to only post a percentage of the bail - often 10% - to secure your release.

Take whichever is the best option available to you in order to be free.

Know that it is easier to prove your case from the outside than while incarcerated.

How to Prove Police Harassment

For you to bring a case against the police and get justice, you should be able to prove your case beyond every reasonable doubt. These are ways you can put up a water-tight case against the police.

3. Put the incident down on paper

Because the human brain cannot be trusted to remember the minutest detail of an incident over a period of time, you need to write down what took place between you and the police officer on paper.

You must record everything you remember about the incident. Even if you feel disorganized or disoriented after the encounter, you need to put down as much details as you can remember.

But while you are straining to remember the details of the event, you should endeavor not misrepresent facts as it can be used against you in court. Remember the police will also have their own records.

4. If you had injuries, take photos of them

If you scuffled with the police, which led to any injuries, you need to take photographs of any injuries so that they can be used as evidence.

Note: These photographs need to be taken as soon as possible in all their gory nature. You may also have to examine yourself hours and days after as well because some marks, such as bruises, may only appear hours later.

If you were arrested, it may be difficult to take photos of your injuries. In that case, do what you can to write down a description of any marks, cuts, or bruises, and where they are located on your body.

5. Get medical attention

If you had sustained any injuries, you need to get medical attention at this point after you may have documented your injuries. You also need to document every kind of treatment you were given and make copies of any reports or bills you were given. These copies have to be saved to be tendered as evidence.

6.  File a complaint to at the nearest police department

Visit your nearest police department to report any cases of harassment by an officer. You call also dial 911 (or the emergency number for your state or country) if you think it’s a matter of emergency.

Better yet, visit the website of your local police department and lodge your complaints using the section meant for police complaints.

Whichever option you choose, follow the right procedures so that your complaint would be properly handled.

If your local police agency does not have a written complaint form or tries to make you report it verbally to the "desk officer", that police department is out of compliance.

Ask to talk to the Chief of Police, talk to your local city council representative, or contact either your local newspaper or the closest TV station to report such non-compliance.

It's important to know that there is a general view that police officers have a code of silence - or "blue wall" - that prevents them from seeing and questioning each other’s act of misconduct.

Even though the police has called this a myth and has tried to debunk it several times, a survey conducted in 2005 revealed that this code does really exists.

So, don’t be surprised if the same officer continues to harass you even after you have reported him. And make sure you documents such harassment.

7.  Establish and document your evidences

If a police officer is still harassing you even after you have lodged a complaint, here’s what you should do: Wait patiently for the next time he harasses you, and try to make some convincing evidence against him.

You can always have someone with you whenever you anticipate such misconduct so that the person can be a witness. You can also have a small recording device in your pocket to capture the officer’s words.

After gathering your evidences, try to replicate them. That is, you should produce many copies of your evidences.

This is necessary because the police are notorious for destroying evidences kept against them. Also, document the details of the harassment scenario, such as the date, time, and venue.

8.  Report the second time

So that you will be double sure that the police is not deliberately sweeping your complaint under the floor, you can complain a second time and see if there will be any positive changes. This time, show them your evidences.

Remember to produce many copies of your evidences before turning them in.

9. Put together your witnesses

You need witnesses to prove your case, and you should be very meticulous when going about this. Anyone who was in the area and saw what happened is your witness. If you can, try to talk to them after the incident to be sure of what they saw

If you were arrested immediately, you may not get the chance to talk to any witnesses. However, if you were with someone when you were arrested, they may be able to get contact information from the witnesses for you so you can meet them later.

10. Keep your physical evidence safe

Depending on the kind of encounter you had with the police, you may have to some physical evidence to show for it. This kind of evidence may include torn clothing, blood stains on your clothing or a dented car. These items should be preserved for the court.

Some physical evidence because of their nature can be impossible to preserve, and can’t be presented in court. For example, if the police broke down your front door, you would need to repair the damage so your home would be secure. You can only take photos of the door before you get it repaired, because you can use the pictures for evidence.

Get a Lawyer to Help You Get Justice

11. Look for a competent civil rights attorney

Make sure you never discuss any generalities or details about a false or real crime while being interrogated by a police department. Police are not there to be your advocate or a friend.  

That said, because of the nature of the case, very few lawyers would be willing to take the case, so you have to start you search for an attorney pretty early so as to meet up with deadlines.

If you have criminal charges pending, don’t start your civil lawsuit for police misconduct until after the criminal proceedings are concluded. Filing early only gives the police more time to build their case against you.

There exists directories that can enable you find attorneys that are able to take up your police misconduct case. One of them is the National Police Accountability Project. You may not get exactly what you are looking for here, but it is a great jumping off point.

12. Research the attorneys

Set your sights on about three to four potential attorneys and conduct research on them to see if they have the kind of qualifications and experience you desire. Much of the information you need is available on their website, or through the website of your state’s bar association.

Again, many civil rights attorneys offer a free initial consultation. You can use this to your advantage to meet with several attorneys. Having several to choose from can ensure that you get the best attorney to fight for you.

Ask each attorney for details about their experience representing clients like you in police misconduct cases. Find out how many cases they’ve tried, and how many they’ve won. You equally need to note how passionate they are about your case and what chances they think you have in court.

13. Discuss fees with your attorney and find out if you can afford them

When you have settled on the attorney that you think is perfect for your case, you now have to discuss their fees and payment policy to see if you can afford them. Your attorney can be willing to take police misconduct cases on a contingency fee, meaning that he or she will get paid only if you win. Many attorneys who take these types of cases work on a contingency basis.

Other attorneys may require that you pay them upfront because of the unpredictability of police misconduct cases. Some civil rights attorneys also offer sliding-scale fee arrangements, where what you pay is based on the income and assets you have available.

Your agreement with the fee structure should be based on how affordable the attorney is and on the reputation they are riding on.

If you can afford it, you may want to pay out more than you intended if you are quite convinced that a particular attorney would get you the victory you seek.

How to File Charges Against the Police

This step cannot begin until all criminal charges and civil actions have been resolved. As have been previously said, prematurely filing a police misconduct report will hurt your chances in court by revealing too much information to the police. But if you were not charged with a crime, you can go ahead and file the charge.

14. Find out which "right" the officer contravened

Under the law, police officers have a defense known as “qualified immunity.” If you can’t overcome this defense, you aren’t even entitled to sue the officer.

Showing that the police officer violated one of your Constitutional rights is the first part of overcoming this defense.

Many police misconduct cases are based on the 4th Amendment, which protects you from unreasonable search and seizure. You should be able to prove that your case falls within this jurisdiction so you can be eligible to go to court.

15.  File a lawsuit

If you think your complaints have yielded no results, then contact a qualified lawyer. Start by asking if there are further options that you can adopt in order to seek redress. If there are no other options, then pressing formal charges should be your next step.

On a final note, always keep in mind that the police are not immune to the law, and they must abide by both the laws that bind their profession and those that protect civilians.

You should always stand up to hold them accountable whenever they exceed their boundaries by harassing or abusing you.

16. You should be able to prove that the right is established

Here is where you need the help of your attorney.

He or she should be able to prove that the right you’re asserting was clearly established by court precedent. While you could say that the 4th Amendment protects you from unreasonable search and seizure, that is too general for these purposes. It must be a particular right, and must be so established and well-known that a reasonable police officer would understand that what he was doing was violating that right.

Your attorney can go ahead to dig out other cases where the courts found a violation of someone’s constitutional rights under circumstances identical or strongly analogous to your situation.

Again, your attorney should be able to prove that the officer acted beyond a clearly reasonable call of duty.

For example, if you are arguing excessive force, you would need to prove that the officer used force that was so excessive that any reasonable officer would agree with you that it was excessive and unnecessary.

Understand what you are fighting for!

Each victim has a unique path to recovery from police misconduct.

Some victims simply seek an apology from the police force, and compensation for all legal fees incurred. Other abuse victims want actions to be taken against the offending officer.

Victims need to think about their goals before taking an action so as not to be disappointed at the end.

A lawsuit will demand monetary compensation but may not ensure any direct consequences to the offending officer.

Ironically, apologies are most times even harder to obtain.

Therefore, victims should consult with an attorney and make sure any civil or disciplinary actions taken are in line with the victim’s personal goals and recovery process.

Dysfunctional Wall Street Capitalism

If there is any silver lining at this point in this global Coronavirus pandemic it's that it has put a reality check on a false American obsession: "The only place to make money is in the stock markets."

First, regarding my own investment portfolios, keep in mind that as of this week, my retirement accounts are still 50% in money market cash.

Also more important than the stock markets, for the health and safety of all global citizens, let's pray the Coronovirus pandemic will be contained sooner rather than later.

Yet from an economic perspective, the Covid-19 pandemic creating a serious national employment disruption, which means that many small businesses will never return and their employees will be completing for fewer and fewer jobs, even when re-hiring starts up again.

This Coronavirus market disruption also means companies will see their 2020 profits and earnings either lowered or put off for who knows how long.

Moreover, as we watch the US economy re-open, we must still listen to scientists and carefully vett the "facts" and eschew the charlatan politicians and media cons who tell the public that everything is great, nothing to see here.

Corporate Welfare

The latest magical thinking is that the central bank governors can announce rate cuts or more fiscal stimulus to keep the global consumer-driven economies from stalling out and that stock markets will quickly recover and continue its big lobby money fueled ascent and prevent US GDP from contracting too much.

Unfortunately, in the US, the current political cabal, the central bank and U.S. Treasury are still fighting the last war - the financial crisis of 2008 - when multiple interest rate cuts were enough to buoy spirits on Wall Street and fiscal spending buoyed economic growth. 

But interest rates are already hovering at or near historic lows in the US much of the developed world. Further cuts would likely be akin to “pushing on a string.”

The legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to be an economic war where U.S. consumers, who represent more than two-thirds of GDP in the country, are disincentivized to consume because almost every venue of consumption still represents a potential threat to their health and the health of their families.

To protect oneself from the coronavirus COVID-19, the World Health Organization recommends “social distancing” that is, maintaining “at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.” Other scientists recommend a distance of 6 feet. 

That’s impossible to do on airplanes, in movie theaters, on cruise ships, in restaurants, at the Trump cult hate rallies, and many other places where folks frequent.

The Red Cross recommends disinfecting “doorknobs, switches, handles, computers, telephones, bedside tables, bathroom sinks, toilets, counters, toys and other surfaces that are commonly touched around the home or workplace.” 

That recommendation is because scientists do not yet know just how long the coronavirus lasts on surfaces.

That’s another incentive for consumers to avoid places like hotels and resorts.

Unless all of the central bankers around the world are replaced with infectious disease scientists, they’re not going to be of much use in this crisis. And yes, it’s a crisis, regardless of what Fox News, the Q Network, and other conspiracy theorists who are in denial.

Economic “string pushing”

As stated earlier, what the central bankers would be doing by cutting interest rates and buying bonds is called “pushing on a string.” 

You can examine economic stimulus “pushing on a string” this way: 

“If the core demand doesn’t exist to induce people to part with their money, it can’t be forced through monetary policy. Core demand on the part of the consumer is further aggravated right now because workers (who are also consumers) correctly fear layoffs or job losses and want to save for that potentiality. 

Economic sectors and industries in the U.S. are experiencing revenue and earnings slowdowns because the coronavirus has separated them from their customers. 


  1. Four major U.S. airlines lost $10 billion in market value 
  1. Retail stores continue experiencing financial difficulties and announced store closings even before the coronavirus hit.
  1. Hotels continue to be hurt not only by vacationers reluctance to travel but by businesses cancelling trips and using teleconferencing instead.

Because of Trump’s incompetent Covid-19 respodenial and the inexplicable lack of tests kits from the CDC since the first case in the U.S. was diagnosed back in January (and the CDC’s preposterous restrictions for over a month on when patients could be tested), that agency cannot be trusted to take the lead in this grave risk to national health. 

Clearly, the real Covid-19 problem-solving leadership in America has been the the US Governors and mayors of select states and cities, not our “stock market as a re-election indicator” obsessed President.

The Emperor has no clothes 

In addition to global supply chain issues, what is also eroding positive stock market sentiment is that institutional smart money investors are realizing that incompetent national leadership (and too much mindless ideological deregulation) magnifies worry that a dysfunctional US economy will be unable to solve it's problems when the nation is confronted with a crisis.

As the Presidential election approaches, Wall Street et al is becoming increasingly aware that the American economy and its “consumer citizenry” is not in capable hands.

After over three years of Trump institutional investors are waking up to the economic reality that all Trump has really accomplished during his tenure so far is to push the Obama corporate bailout stock market recovery even higher, which really only benefits the finances of less than 50% of Americans.

Additionally, as it relates to Covid-19, Tump's ideological lobby-money financed deregulation agenda has deeply gutted our national public health and public safety budgets, the affects of which we are seeing now with our lack of national preparedness dealing with Coronavirus testing.

Hence the smarter big Wall Street investors are admitting the truth: That in a serious crisis, Trump and his lobbyist-controlled privatization-obsessed Cabinet and administration are for the most part hapless cronies who have difficulty problem-solvingbtheir way out of an elevator stuck mid-floor.

Revising Our Future Portfolio Holdings

Whenever we see times like these, I try to review and re-evaluate the pros and cons of our evolving yet always improving investment strategies.

Going forward (and once the global Covid-29 fears subsides) I believe we will be more successful by investing in fewer ETF or fund holdings with slightly larger position sizes.

For example, a 15% allocation in one ETF instead of a 10% allocation, etc.. With larger allocations, it also simplifies our buy and sell strategy by limiting the number of investment holdings that must be monitored and bought or sold.

We are also increasingly seeing in the investment world a majority of country and sector stock indices being dominated by fewer and fewer stocks, making ETFs and mutual funds more vulnerable to the lack of diversification from being over-invested in a minority of large company stocks.

To reduce this "modern" investment risk going forward, we will make a more concerted effort to take positions in ETFs or mutual funds that are more "equally weighted" - i.e.the stocks held in the ETF or fund have similar size positions in terms of percentage allocations.

Second, here in the United States, it seems a majority of Americans have come to believe the stock market is the most accurate measure of domestic macro-economic success.

I can assure you it is not.

Yes, a bull market in stocks does enhance the perception of increasing national wealth. In reality, however, the stock market actually benefits fewer than 50% of American citizens.

In truth, there is one simple time-tested policy for us tonget back to a balanced US economy that benefits the largest majority of Americans:

"We need to see higher wages and salaries paid to American workers"

Everything else is simply political and economic BS. 

Systematically paid higher wages and salaries, which creates "healthy inflation," leads to higher "managed" interest rates, which leads to more attractive bond prices and investment yields, offering retired investors like us sound balanced retirement income portfolios.

For our benefit, inflation-adjusted higher interest rates will again allow us to invest retirement money in "old school" maturity-laddered bond portfolios that pay solid dividend yields with very little risk, as long as we hold the bonds to maturity.

See, Inflation is not bad. In fact, the most politically sound economic policies can only involve creating manageable inflation through higher livable wages to all American workers who want that opportunity to be productive and to see work as rewarding.

It is not rocket science.

Simple higher salaries and wages for all working Americans would create more disposable income for the American middle and lower working class, reduce consumer debt, foster healthy inflation, and ultimately allow YOU (retired investors) to create livable retirement income without the increasingly unmanageability of tiresome stock market volatility.

Stated more specifically, having 30% to 35% of our overall IRA retirement nest egg invested in attractive yielding, maturity-laddered bond portfolios would (1);lower investment risk, (2);generate attractive retirement income, and (3) lower the advisor fees you pay professionals like Yours Truly. 

Unfortunately, our "legally corrupted" two-party political system is so shamelessly controlled and manipulated by the big lobby money corporate elites who are also the primary beneficiaries of higher stock prices.

How does that work? By keeping American worker wages and salaries low, these stock compensated corporate elites minimize company expensed, making stock prices go up, and their executive stock-compensation payouts are huge financial rewards.

Meanwhile American workers go more and more into debt while being forced to shop at Amazon, Wal-Mart and Dollar General. It is the "owner" greed formula that promulgates in increasingly untenable wealth gap.

Time to stop being gullible sheep

Sadly, today's dysfunctional American voters now think like a cult: They foolishly keep voting against their own interests - based on the never changing delusion that by voting rich business people into political office they are looking out for their best financial interests.

Hey Billy Joe Bob: The rich don't care about your finances. You are not part of their club. And you never will be.

Such repetitive foolish electoral action is simply self-destructive personal behavior, regardless of political or religious leanings. It ultimately destroys families, creates addictions to substances and dysfunctional behavior, and fosters scapegoating anger, even hate, towards the "Other?"

In 2016 we witnessed this exact national low self-esteem voter folly In the Presidential election - when the Republicans selected an emotionally sick conman as their candidate. Simultaneously, the lobby money owned Wall Street Democrats forced an "entitled elitist" to run against him.

In fact, the 2016 US Presidential election was the most blatant example of two-party political immolation that I have witnessed in my lifetime. And it is proof that the American voting population definitely needs their own national 12-Step program to protect themselves from low self-esteem self-destructive voter behavior.

Unfortunately, it now appears we may be repeating the same 2016 addictive pattern again in 2020.


If our current Federal "policies" continue unabated, we will be paying our hard earned tax dollars to a gutted, meaningless Federal government "Gerontocracy" controlled and operated by out of touch American oligarchs disguised as government leaders who simply steal our tax revenues for their own economic benefit.

We see this national theft every day as the Nation's tax coffers are plifered daily by the Trump-Kushner-DeVos privatization kleptocracy, directly profiting Trump's narcissism brand and his real estate properties, while at the same time enriching the for-profit global enterprises of Jared and Ivanka (as well as the two Trump sons - Uday and Qusay). 

For real: The Trump-Kushner tax theft cabal makes Hunter Biden's Ukraine salary look like a child's front yard lemonade stand..

Sadly, when voter "addicts" don't care about the incompetence and blatant corruption of who they voted for, they cannot claim that their sham politicians are victims of a "witch-hunt" when sane "rule of law" critics call them out for their embarrassing behavior.

Americans need to admit to our self-destruction voter addiction and commit to get "sober" - back to caring about competent government leadership and the Constitutional rule of law we once somewhat respected.

Until then, Covid-19 will only be first loud shot off the bow.

Be wise and believe the scientists; not the US oligarch lobbyists pretending to be our elected Federal government.

The Current State of the Trump Kleptocracy

In today American political economy, given what we are now witnessing, we can no longer rationally separate US politics from our money management decisions. And for that, we can thank our minority elected President, that "Thing" in the White House.

All one has to do is watch what follows every time Trump makes another one of his grandiose tweets about his pugilistic China tariff process, whether it be his constant lies regarding how "perfect" things are (as a sociopathic narcissist, everything he does is "brilliant") - or even his direct market manipulation threats designed to appeal to his conspiracy addicted voter base - such as banning Chinese stocks in the U.S. stock exchanges.

Additionally, as any objective observer can see, Trump's ill-advised Ukraine extortion incident clearly shows the irrationally paranoid state he is about his 2020 re-election.

For one thing, Trump's fitness for office must be in doubt given how stupid he was to try and get "old news" dirt on the son of a Democratic candidate that smart Democrats and independent voters don’t even want nominated.

What is even more disturbing is how hypocritical Trump is given his claims of the "corruption of Joe Biden and his son," while his own Kushner-Javanka crime family is engaging in blatant political office profiteering, a despotic behavior I call the "Trump-Kushner 'legal' crime family."  

Trump's Economic Hustle

Unlike the cult-like beliefs of many of Trump's followers, propagated by his media conspiracy outlets like Fox News, Breitbart, 4chan, and the crazy "Q" networks, any type of objective review since the three years Trump has been in office shows he has fallen short on most of the promises he made during his presidential campaign.

American workers continue to see no improvement in income inequality (a Trump economy with tens of millions of low paid and part-time jobs is still the standard); we see growing levels of corporate and consumer debt; we watch our unfunded Federal debt to GDP continually climb since Trump's election three years ago; and now we hear more and more talk about another economic recession coming next year.

And we can be sure Trump's voters and supporters are proud of what he and his party have done for them:

(1) There has been NO health care plan for his uninsured supporters; instead tens of thousands more of his supporters are now uninsured compared to 3 years ago;

(2) Trump's entire foreign policy is nothing more than blaming China and Europe for our self-created and growing wealth inequality, including mindlessly selling weapons to any dictator or authoritatian leader with the money to buy them;

(3) Under Trump have seen a rise in ugly xenophobic and anti-semitic hate rhetoric and violent crimes since their "God" Trump took office - with Trump and his supporters talking about a new "Civil War" - even as Trump has already been outed for his proven authoritarian abuses of power.

(4) The life of almost all of Trump's supporters (as well as their children and grandchildren) have seen their air and water quality dangerously degraded by his obvious pandering to the corporate polluters - who use him to profit handsomely from his "profit-at-any-cost" ignorance; 

(5) His supporters lives will continue to be negatively affected by increasingly common extreme weather disasters  - floods, drought, etc. - certainly exacerbated by the Trump-sponsored oligarchs who profit off his ignorant anti-science denial of man-made climate change;

(6) Trump has handed over his education policy to his favored rich evangelical profiteers who simply want to produce mindless young consumers by privatizing public education, in the process diminishing problem-solving science education and ignoring the Constitutionally written separation of church and state - all while they pilfer our public tax dollars for their own benefit; and, finally,  

(7) All Americans, including Trump's supporters, are seeing their tax dollars pay for his ridiculous border wall (not Mexico) - money that should instead be used for badly needed national infrastructure upgrades - or to provide even basic health care for millions of uninsured Americans.

It is a sad case for the future of America that Trump supporters are so blind to the fact that he clearly is incompetent to do the job. As his leadership folly continue to be exposed, Trump has become nothing more than a disgrunted salesman for his family and his hospitality real estate businesses.

Simply put, Trump is not, as evangelicals delusionally believe, a US President sent by God. If God sent Trump to save America, God is definitely a major underachiever! 

How to "politic" with statistics

To be charitable, one could superficially construe that Trump has at least a couple positive campaign statistics that hold water: The government-defined jobs numbers - and the US stock market.

However, when analyzed deeper, even these numbers are not the "economic miracle" Trump and the no-integrity Republican party wants their blind faith supporters to believe.

First, the jobs statistics continue to be skewed toward a pattern of low-paid service jobs and millions of part-time workers (who aren't trained or skilled for well-paid full-time jobs). In fact, the positive jobs growth numbers are simply the continuation of what we saw during 8 years of Barack Obama - even though Fox News and Trump's gullible supporters lie to themselves and call such statistics "fake news."

Even the US stock market - which represents the fortunes of less than 50% of Americans - doesn't make Donald Trump look anything like the business genius he and his believers want him to be.

As outlined below, in spite of Trump's "grand master" stock market hyperbole, in no way does Trump's numbers approach the stock market performance put up by Barack Obama's presidency: 

In the three years since Trump took office in late January of 2017, the US stock market - as measured by the Standard and Poor 500 stock index - is up a cumulative 49% - a 17% 3-year average annual return.

By exact comparison, Barack Obama's S&P 500 stock market performance during his first 3 years in office was a cumulative 70% - a 23% 3 year average annual return. 

FYI, under Obama's entire 8-year tenure, the Standard and Poor 500 index acheived a total cumulative 183% return - a remarkable 22.8% average annual return.    

Moreover, much of the recent sub-par growth we've seen once the effect of Trump's one-off elite tax cuts faded is largely the result of his "lobby money for hire" Cabinet of corporate deregulation ideologues who were recycled from the predatory payday loan industry and the polluting dirty energy sector.  

America’s Coming Constitutional Crisis

Given the lawless Constitutional challenges that are now coming from the White House - juxtiposed by the sometimes hapless law and order actions coming from the newly empowered House Democrats, there is no doubt that during the next year leading up to the 2020 election we are going to witness an ugly Constitutional crisis.

The Republican politicians who continue to support Trump will have to decide if they want to remain in close proximity to Trump the “Constitutional” suicide bomber. My guess is they probably will stay loyal, as they know at this point that their political survival is dependent on not unleashing the revenge wrath of Trump’s compulsive scapegoating voters.

If the newly energized and legally legitimized House Democrats are smart and patient, we may see the Trump-addicted Republican Party admit they have "Stockholm Syndrome," where they actually believe their abuse is healthy.

The Republican Party would be wise to admit they have become a sick political party - addicted to pathological lying - and start a new path to political sobriety by forcing Trump to resign or not run for re-election.

If not, an impeachment process is justified, if only to put on historical record that America still has the political will and courage to try and restore US leadership integrity that has been almost completely lost with the election of the reality show conman Donald Trump. 

Yet if the Democrats somehow manage to screw things up by losing their newfound mojo - and Trump is re-elected by an even more fearful and angry voter mob - we will very likely see our nation have its own political economic version of a Chernobyl meltdown. 

Prior to the 1987 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, both the government(s) and population of the Soviet Union were in angry denial about the deep "legalized" corruption and leadership incompetence at all levels of government and their industrial machine. Hence, it was the endemically flawed operational standards of their entire political economic system that led to the poorly built Chernobyl installation and its eventual meltdown.

America is increasingly approaching that Chernobyl like crisis point. Like an alcoholic or drug addict that must "hit bottom" in order to see the self-destructive insanity of his or her addiction, it may have to be the re-election of Donald Trump to get to the bottom of that life changing self-dug hole.    

In our view, the election of Donald Trump was a desparate yet ill-informed attempt to save the United States from itself. Unfortunately, Trump and his Vichy Republicans were already a large part of our national shame, and how they have made our nation even more dysfunctional than before.   

It’s about “corporate welfare” interest rate cuts in Trump’s fixed economy

As long as Donald Trump is US President, which will be at least through 2020, it may not even be necessary to do any more economic analysis.

Why? Because almost all the economic decisions Trump and his Federal government  are going to make are market manipulative agendas designed to prop up the stock market - in a concerted effort to "fix" his 2020 re-election.

In effect, Trump is implementing a Wall Street corporate welfare electioneering economy. And no one on Wall Street, the Republican Party, or his base, cares.

The Democrat-run House may care, but they have little power to do anything about it. Ironically, the Republican "free markets" Party has now become the big corporate welfare party. Let me explain. 

Under Trump's economic agenda in the United States, we can no longer separate our investment economy from Trump's haphazard political agenda.

Since his election in 2016, Donald Trump has converted what remained of a functional US market economy and turned it into a national version of his New York-like real estate empire – by "hiring" (appointing) politically-compliant crony ideologues (and obvious fellow dysfunctionals like Stephen Miller and Stephen Mnuchin) to manipulate the US economy and the stock markets - for the primary purpose of stealing tax dollars and fixing his 2020 Presidential election chances.

What Trump’s corporate welfare cronyism means for the United States

First, let me state very definitively that "tax-funded corporate welfare” is the same thing that the right wing disparagingly calls “corporate socialism.” Here in lies the blatant hypocrisy.

Think of it this way: If America were a socialist nation, we would be using most of our tax dollars to create and sustain "government-provided goods and services" to the masses.

In America, because our laws are written to promote “private sector success” - and since we believe we are THE God-annointed capitalist global leader, we are now replacing the “government" part of our economy with "corporate" - by simply funneling more and more of our tax dollars to support the big lobby money controlled “corporate” provision of goods and services. 

Even our long-running national safety net money (aka “entitlements”) - which has been part of the U.S. economy (Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) since the mid-20th Century - and has almost solely funneled commoner tax dollars directly to the “big corporate” private sector. 

Confused? Answer this question: Name one government-run food provider or government-run health care provider (other than the VA) that receives even small amounts of tax dollars for the direct provision of safety net good or services?

Even women’s health care services like Planned Parenthood - and most other local indigent population health clinics - are NGOs that rely largely on citizen donations - with minimal funds coming from government-collected taxes.

Today, under the predatory privatizer Donald Trump, the neoRepublican Party, the elite evangelical family cabals that pander to Trump, and Wall Street’s big lobby money manipulators, we are now witnessing the privatization of our public education system, our Social Security fund, our military, our drinking water (an especially dangerous mindset), and the “don’t get sick” Republican non-health plan - pushed using “anti-socialist” propaganda - intended solely to promulgate the continuation of a dysfunctional insurance industry private payment system.

Extreme Deregulation - Trump's favorite form of corporate welfare

Under what can only be labeled as Trump's extreme privatization agenda, everything now is about about profit and even more profit, a uniquely American form of corporate “socialism” that blatantly redirects our tax dollars for the "profit" benefit of Trump’s favored fossil fuel companies, war corporations, and Wall Street hedge funds - all of whom are eternally grateful for their huge tax cuts, the almost total disregard for anti-trust laws, and, of course, their massive cost-cutting “profits” of deregulation.

America is now witnessing, under Predator Trump, deregulation policies designed to "profit" from:

  • degrading public safety regulations;
  • degrading public health standards like clean air and water;
  • profiteering through the trashing of consumer rights (to keep corporate criminal behavior immune from lawsuits);
  • profiteering from a harsh public sector border security mindset that separates immigrant children from their parents;
  • profiteering by making every effort to privatize our US public education system; and
  • turning our foreign policy into nothing more than unfettered weapons sales to global dictators and Middle East tyrants (who, with US support, directly killed innocent Muslim children in Yemen).

In fact we are now living in a manipulated U.S “political economic” system – an economic system being used not to benefit the nation as a whole, but to benefit the elite political families, including extreme right wing evangelical elites, and favored Wall Street lobby money entities.

In Trump’s Federal government, no economic decision is being made without favored elite profiteering and his 2020 re-election in mind. In Trump's self-obsessed mind, he will ONLY get re-elected if he can buy off Wall Street by making them even more money - and to get the stock market to stay up regardless of the consequences to the nation’s workers and their longer-term financial health.

Economically, look out below if Trump is re-elected  

If Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020 for another four years (and it looks like he will given how the Democrats are acting), there is a good chance the United States will be in for an economic "shit show" during his second term.

First of all, the Trump Administration is run by very narrow-minded ideologues. Like Trump, they are self-absorbed elitists who are willing to do anything to retain their power and influence in a fast changing United States that is seeing increased cultural and religious diversity.

In addition, 60% of an American citizen majority are wise enough to have a strong retro-desire to move away from an elite corporate oligarchy that is destroying our middle class - and re-direct it to a more egalitarian decentralized capitalist economy.

Of course the US corporate elites, especially the most ruthless of them, will spend unlimited funds to try and “buy” anti-boycott and anti-protest laws passed by their lobby money corrupted politicians. And as we saw with the Standing Rock dissent, corporations will hire and use both public and private police thugs to repress citiizen and consumer activism against big corporate and big lobby money power grabs and abuse.

Moreover, the Trump Administration is working with other global nationalist  "leaders” who are actively trying to prime Russia to condone a US/Israel/Saudi Arabia war with Iran. And, of course, like Iraq, a war with Iran is clearly about oil, even though it will be “sold” as some form of "anti-terrorism” propaganda - or some other made up Iranian aggression lie.

In the end, we clearly see what type of a person Trump is from the Mueller Report. Trump tries to portray himself as a victim. He is not. He is, in fact, a political and economic predator and social democracy anarchist.

Moreover, like Trump, untreated emotionally disturbed individuals in high stress situations - especially megalomaniacs who are constantly criticised and attacked by critics, will eventually lash out in very self-destructive ways, which is what we can expect Trump to do at some point in the future if cornered. We already see what he does on a daily basis.

If we combine Trump’s menacing emotional immaturity with his other advisors’ extremism ideas (Bolton, Pompeo, Stephen Miller, and Betsy Devos), it is inevitable some crisis will be created by this white nationalist cabal. We already see it with their inhumane immigration policies, how they ignored the citizens of Puerto Rico (who pay taxes but can’t vote), and the increasingly common news about mass shootings, unreported chemical spills, and other growing public health issues.


Regarding investments, the political lock Trump's "corporate welfare agenda" has on our national economic agenda will, in fact, temporarily reduce stock market volatility and the odds that the markets will go down much - at least until after the 2020 elections.

In essence, Trump consistently tries to intimidated the Federal Reserve Board (FOMC) into political submission, for the hope of more interest rate cuts to mask Trump’s economic charade. Fortunately, Jerome Powell, the FOMC Chair, has so far resisted Trump’s bullying. Powell, unlike Trump, seems to be a committed economic professional, as do many of the FOMC Board members.

The biggest risk to our long-term national financial health is living in a market economy that ignores the sanity of a progress-focused macro business environment, the intelligent use of science, innovative leadership competence, basic consumer protections, and a nation devoted to a diversity-minded business integrity that respects and rewards ALL citizens.

This can only be achieved using intelligent problem-solving instead of rigid economic ideologies that fosters increased income inequality.

Hopefully, when we one day get rid of the Wall Street kleptocrats and their bought and sold politicians who incessantly try to steal our tax dollars to enrich themselves, we can again move forward to a more "inclusive capitalism" - one that at least tries to share more wealth with the 60% of Americans who are still not participating in our stock market national wealth creation.

Ultimately, extreme ideological thinking creates dangerous political cults. Today, America seems to have become a divided nation of ideological cults. And cults are always based on obsessive denial, faulty thinking, and dangerous idolatry.

In the end, if our current national dysfunction doesn’t change, chaos and anarchy will reign, which is where we are headed now.

“We Are Witnessing the Growing Nightmare of American Neoliberal Fascism”

By way of background for why I am writing this Update, my father fought against the Nazis in World War II. He served in Patton's campaign up from Southern Italy which finally defeated Hitler and Mussolini. I didn't understand this while growing up, but my father's experience and the horrors he saw had a profound and detrimental affect on him for the rest of his life. It also imprinted on me later in life.

FYI, I spent the first 13 years of my life in Hawaii, where white people were the minority race. I had friends from all Asian cultures and, other than my parent's latent bigotry, I didn't know what racism was until I moved to Los Angeles in the early Sixties.

Moreover, during my college years in California, I also developed many gay friends, witnessing first hand the obviously sane reality that gay Americans are no different that heterosexuals, except that they are often kinder - and the absolute best folks you can live near if you want your neighbors to help improve the value of your property!  

To add to my diverse and healthy life attitudes, as an adult I spent much of my life reading about World War 2, what led up to it, and what happened afterwards. I read voraciously about the Versaille Treaty, citizen culture in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, Europe in the aftermath of the defeat of the Nazis, and the role American bankers played in facilitating Hitler's rise to power.

As a mature and sane adult, I have worked hard to be responsible, productive, a good husband and father, and a citizen that my son can be proud of and model himself after. I also love the work I do for all of my clients, most of whom I consider friends as well as clients.

That all said, I cannot pretend that our country isn't in deep trouble. For the time being, it is not our weakening middle class economic system that is quickly failing. But almost everything else - at least from the America I want to live in in the future. And I'm not talking about being "liberal" or being a Democrat; I gave the latter up years ago. In fact, if you must know, I would consider myself a fiscal libertarian (except where the private sector has no business in (water, for example). I also consider myself to be a totally sane social liberal, who believes people who are not social liberals are unhappy in their lives and must blame others.

What I am certain about from my vast and long life experience that racism, white supremacy, homophobia, and disregard for others less forturnate than ourselves is the new 21st century American collective mental illness and national dysfunction. And add in our Nation's callous greed, the hate and mass gullibility of the Trump cult, and the Federal and State legislators who abuse Christian values to repress homosexuals, the poor, voters they don't want voting, and (sometimes) women.

All of this National dysfunction is a visible national insanity to anyone that wants to live in a civilized modern society. Which leads up to the topic of this Update. 

Now, I know that the topic is is not directly economic or investment focused, but it will certainly end up being an economic disaster if our Nation keeps going down our current uncivilized path.

Here, in my opinion, is what we should be most worried about as Americans:

Donald Trump’s ascendancy in American politics has made visible a plague of deep-seated civic illiteracy, facilitated by a corrupt political system and a contempt for reason that has been decades in the making.

It also points to the failure of civic balance, the undoing of civic culture, the decline of public life, and the erosion of any sense of shared citizenship.

As "market" obsessions and moralities tighten their grip on all aspects of society, democratic institutions and our public spheres are being even further downsized, if not altogether disappearing. As these institutions vanish - from public schools, non-corporate media, community health care centers for the poor or uninsured, and empathy for the uninsured - there is also a serious erosion of the community, justice, equality, public values and the common good.

At the same time, reason and truth are not simply contested or the subject of informed arguments (as they should be), but wrongly vilified - banished to Trump’s poisonous and mostly bogus world of “fake news.”

Under the Trump administration, sane language has been pillaged, truth and reason almost totally ignored, and words and phrases emptied of any substance (or turned into their opposite), all via the endless production of Trump’s Twitter addiction and the ongoing clown spectacle of paranoid and conspiracy theory right wing media (e.g. Fox News).

This grim reality points to a current failure of civic imagination, political will and open democracy. It is also part of a politics that strips society of any democratic ideals and undermines any understanding of tax-funded education as a public good.

What we are witnessing is not simply a political anarchy used to consolidate power in the hands of the corporate and financial elite, but also a reworking of the very meaning of literacy and education, crucial to what it means to create an informed citizenry and democratic society.

In an age when literacy and thinking become dangerous to the anti-democratic forces now governing most of the commanding economic and cultural institutions of the United States, truth is viewed as a liability, ignorance becomes a virtue, and informed judgments and critical thinking are demeaned and turned into more "fake news."

Under the reign of this now normalized perspective, literacy is regarded with disdain, words are reduced to trash and science is replaced with pseudo-science. Maybe like this Update, traces of critical thought appear more and more at the margins of the culture as ignorance becomes the primary organizing principle of American society.

Now, after a 40-year reign of primarily American neoliberal global dominance, civic culture is being demolished, shared citizenship eroded, self-interest and a survival-of-the-fittest ethos elevated to a national ideal. In addition, language has been militarized, handed over to advertisers, and a political and culturally embarrassing anti-intellectualism is now sanctioned by a white nationalist White House.

And not unlike the cult following of Donald Trump as a political force, we have a celebrity culture that produces an ecosystem of babble, shock and tawdry entertainment. Add in the cruel and clownish anti-public intellectuals who defend inequality and infantile forms of masculinity, and define ignorance and a warrior mentality as part of the natural order, we see the dethroning of any viable sense of national committment.

The current American culture of manufactured illiteracy is also being eproduced through a media apparatus that trades in illusions and the spectacle of violence. Under these circumstances, illiteracy becomes the norm and education becomes central to a version of a zombie politics that functions largely to remove democratic values, social relations and compassion from the ideology, policies and commanding institutions that now control American society.

In this age of manufactured illiteracy, there is more at work than simply an absence of learning, ideas or knowledge. In fact, our Nation's manufactured illiteracy has become a political and educational project central to a growing corporatist American neofascist ideology and set of policies that work to depoliticize people and make them complicitous with the neoliberal and racist political and economic forces that impose misery and suffering upon their lives of those outside the system.

Finally, there is also the workings of a deeply malicious form of 21st century scapegoating and lack of personal responsibility. In our current American moment, the illiteracy, ignorance and blaming others by 50% of American voters can only offer the paving of a path toward a new form of fascism that has descended upon the United States.

I have no doubt that unless we open our eyes quickly, we will continue to morph into our own 21st century American version of 1933 Germany.

The Plunder Capitalism of the US Republican Party

We see once again that so many Republican pieces of legislation are often destructive acts of pointless cruelty - and an enduring monument to the Republican Party's total contempt for the majority of American people it has decided NOT to serve.

It is worth taking a step back and marvel at the sheer insanity of what the Republican Party is on the verge of doing.

There is no public purpose behind the legislation GOP elites are orchestrating, no courage to defend it to voters whose lives they are about to destroy, no recognition that it utterly lacks support and buy-in or even a kind word from any organized group in the entire field of medicine or insurance, no compunction about how it will radically remake one-sixth of the economy with a law they can't even explain to each other and haven't actually seen or helped draft, no shame about reversing themselves on public statements they made weeks or days or even hours ago about how they just can't bear to vote for it, no regret about using it to put millions of their fellow human beings through hell every day for weeks as Congress carelessly threatens their lives and livelihoods, no ability to stand up to their malevolent president who won't bother to understand or care about what they're doing as long as a bill ends up on his desk and allows him to tweet about his BIG WIN!

The GOP is full of people who want to stick it to The New York Times and college professors more than they want to make policy that will actually help people, or at least not make their lives demonstrably worse.

They are willing to ruin their constituents and ruin the lives of millions of people so that they might back-slap each other for a few minutes in the Rose Garden in the company of a demented charlatan President who will either end up humiliating and destroying them anyway or collapsing American society around himself and eating ice cream on top of the ruins.

The current Republican Party is run by the most selfish, cruel, and dangerous people to lead this country in 150 years and every day they find new and innovative ways to debase and invite shame on themselves. They make the corrupted elitism-lite of the Democratic Party look like the Girl Scouts. 

The only comfort right now is imagining the future that awaits the Republicans - that is if the Trump voters figure out that their angry gullibility has actually further filled the "Swamp" with more toxicity and crony tax revenue plunder - bogus tax dollar economic stimulus money they will not see a dime of.

The Republican Party's reward for kowtowing to their megalomaniac donors and their anarchistic primary voters - that is assuming that the United States does not continue down the road towards Trump's attempt to create a right wing police state - will hopefully be a series of stinging, comprehensive electoral defeats.

After three more years of Donald Trump (if he makes it that far) and the incompetent leadership of the current Republican Party, their deceptive populace ideology will be decimated as an organized force in American politics for a generation. They will have sacrificed themselves, their principles, their reputations, and their constituents for nothing more than greed, grandiosity, and their addiction to abusing poor people. They will forever be remembered as the enablers of a trash-heap president who is literally losing his mind in front of us and who may very well succeed in erasing a 240-year-old republic.

But in the end, if there is any justice in the universe, what they will do instead is watch a hopefully remodeled Democratic Party (or better yet a viable third-party run by good people) who crush them in the next three election cycles, sweep them and everything they believe aside, ignoring the lamentations of their vanquished press secretaries as they embark on a years-long progressive bender that will make Republicans wish they had just made their peace with ObamaCare and acted like the principled opposition they pretend to be.

Some Republican politicians will be gone before their legacy of toxicity becomes undeniable even to their most die-hard supporters. But others will live long enough to read the first chapters in the history books documenting their unfathomable cowardice, titanic greed, and galactic stupidity, describing how they precipitated a series of domestic Cuban Missile Crises and voted to launch the missiles, how they tried to bury the republic rather than keep it, how they prioritized their narrow political interests over basic human decency, again and again and again.

And in that moment, we can only hope, they will process the words describing their own depravity and they will understand that they have wasted their careers in the service of avarice and evil.

Americans have to make a very important decision very soon: Choose between an intelligent problem solving leadership that uses science, compassion and cooperation for all Americans - or choose an ideologically greedy and angry neo-racist capitalism that blames the "others" for our country's increasingly ominous economic and social problems.

Thoughts from the Anonymous Underground

“The US President and Congress are irrelevant. Multinational corporations and organized crime run the world now” – TV’s Raymond Pennington











AbomiNation Corporate Structures









“There is no Planet B"


It’s hard to fathom how the Israelis can stand to live with themselves given the ongoing misery and cruelty they have inflicted on the Palestinians; and it’s equally not easy to understand how the rest of the world has let them get away with it.

Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of Nazi genocide unequivocally condemn the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, regardless of the historical terrorism of Hamas.

Israel is possibly the future of global Nation-States: A modern internment camp democracy! 


The global crisis, which is as much moral and intellectual as it is political and environmental, puts into question above all our long submission to Western ideas of politics and economy. Whether it is catastrophic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or disastrous interventions in Syria, the latest financial crisis which began in 2008, soaring unemployment in Europe (which is likely to empower far-right parties across the continent), hideous income disparities in both Europe and the United States, the widespread suspicion that big money has corrupted democratic processes, the dysfunctional American political system, Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency, or the dramatic loss of a sense of possibility for young people everywhere—all of this separately and together has not only severely depleted the West’s moral authority - but also severly weakened its intellectual authority.

Yet no one needs to become depressed or despondent over disasters befalling mankind.

Know your politics. Know your history. There’s nothing new happening here. Only the names have changed.

Man seeks to crawl back into the womb after realizing the world isn’t a friendly place. Problems are self-inflicted but solvable. Should we wake from distraction, insipid entertainment and activist slumber, positive change is at our beck and call.

Abominations and goings on don't happen without our consent. Self governance isn’t a spectator sport.

5% of colonists participated in the 1st American Revolution.

95% hid out until the fighting was over, grew fat from war profiteering, looked down from Canada or rooted for King George III.

Let others decide which color nail polish to wear and which NFL team to champion. We can choose our future.

Adbusters, EFF, We Are Change, Glenn Greenwald, Chuck Baldwin, Stewart Rhodes, Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning, Ross Ulbricht, Edward Snowden and countless others are already on the front lines.

Stop whining and move forward!

“Unlimited economic growth on a finite earth is the logic of a cancer cell.”

Democracy is Dependent on Challenging Corporate Absolutism

As a society, how do we define what a "moral economy" is?

Here at SoberMoney, we define a moral economy as one that allows most of the citizens to at least have a fair chance to work, provide for their loved ones, and to attain some degree of long-term life independence and retirement security. Clearly there is no perfect economy, whether it be capitalist, socialist, or one of the social democracies we see in the Nordic countries.

In reality, achieving a true "moral economy" is a constant work in progress. We now have enough human history to know what is NOT a moral economy. Elitist oligarchies like we see in Russia and India are not moral economies. Repressive neo-socialist states like in North Korea or Venezuela are not moral economies. Oil theocracies like we see in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East are not moral economies.

Here in the United States, we are starting to look more and more like the oligarchical corporate model of India. Except instead of having one company dominate each sector of the domestic economy, our duopoly party system is working toward the "regulation" of a two company oligarchy for each economic sector. Current examples of US sector duopolies are 1) Verizon and AT&T, 2) Apple and Samsung, 3) Amazon and Wal-Mart, 4) Monsanto and Con-Agra, and 5) if the merger with Time Warner Cable is approved by the FCC, Comcast and Comcast (no, not a mistake).

The Big Lie

Contrary to US Reagonomics revisionist neoonservative economic theory - which obviously began when Ronald Reagan became US president, the United States has since become a corporate welfare state. It was under the Reagan presidency when the US corporate sector began to achieve more powerful advisorial influence in the federal political system. More importantly, the federal regulatory agencies became profit-inhibiting pariahs, were gutted, and thus began the massive income inequality seen now, as well as the trashing of public health and public safety laws.

As a direct by-product of Reaganomics, the beneficial achievements of labor unions - fair wages & benefits, occupational safety, and worker bargaining rights - began to see its demise under the bogus belief that "trickle down" economics was the answer to global competitiveness and the waning stock market at the time. Ironically, the union corruption that existed at the time made it easy for the Republicans to start dismantling unions and sell pro-corporate Reaganomics.

Since the 1980s, the United States economy has seen a consistent favoritism toward corporate rights over consumer, worker, and citizen rights. The fall of Russian communism in the late 1980s accelerated the almost religious belief system of a pro-corporate mindset . And since the beginning of the 21st century, while still reeling from the 9/11 attacks, we are closer to becoming a quasi-corporate police state - where anyone who questions the rights of the free markets over social justice and a moral economic order is considered a troublemaker, or at worst, a terrorist. 

The Contradiction Between "Free Markets" and Global Corporate Absolutism

Most Americans are now plagued by a macro-economic form of faulty thinking. And that faulty thinking goes like this: Freedom = the Free Markets = the Global Corporate System. It is a pervasive yet bogus fixed mindset that presents itself as the final solution of how people everywhere must now live. 

On the surface, this unquestioned preference for "the global free market" is dinned into the heads of US and global citizens by slogans saturating the corporate media around the clock - or conversely, by police and security beatings, clubbings, tear gas and rubber bullets - if the slogans don't imprint, as in Seattle during the IMF/World Bank meetings or in NYC as a result of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Yet underlying the instituted corporatist propaganda and potential for violence is this value equation always at work: brainwashing the public mind for global corporate acquiescience. Hence, freedom has become equated with the free markets, and in turn, globalization is equated with transnational corporate "ownership" to ALL of the world's natural resources.

The challengers of this assumed multinational corporate privilege are those who are in direct ethical and emotional conflict with this mindset: the poor, artists and musicians, many educators, some government workers, progressive liberals, progressive libertarians, and a few old guard conservatives who still believe in the classic definition of  no corporate bailouts "free markets." They see, in fact, that the new Wall Street version of the American capitalist system is one of banking oligarchs and the privileged political elites.

Sadly, the Democratic Party is now mostly part of the latter, primarily paying political lip service to consumer rights, public health, public safety, and citizen freedoms.

The US profit and growth addiction

South African Steven Biko said: "The most effective tool of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."

As Americans, we clearly see our addiction to profit and money every day. We see and hear it from the patronizing cable business channels like CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. In fact, these plutocrat-owned media outlets are for the most part corporate apologists for the institutionalized monopolizing behavior of the Wall Street elite. in fact, the US elite greed addiction has recently been called "affluenza" by a judge who gave a rich 16 year old Texas kid ten years probation for killing four children while driving drunk. 

Currrently, our nation's "collective self-worth" depends largely on the disingenouis American Dream fantasy of how much money we can make, how little taxes we can pay, how quickly we snap up new technology to show off our adult toys, how "cool" our numerous vehicles are, how over-acheiving our children are, how little we have come to care about worker rights and our public health, and how cavalier we have become regarding having active compassion for the poor and the less unfortunate.

Much of America has become a nation of self-centered, elitist-adoring greed addicts. 

The Narcissism of Profit

Sadly, our profit addiction comes at a huge cost. At this stage in our world's human and social development, we are in the process of creating the largest wealth disparity we have ever seen. 

Simply put, a narrowing group of rich elitists are getting richer, the middle class is getting poorer, the poor and less fortunate are continually neglected, our prisons are overcrowded with young black males - with no programs for rehabilitation, and our children are being increasingly massacred in their public schools and in public enertainment centers by a national gun culture that ignorantly thinks owning guns is the answer to their "impotence" in the growing corporate-controlled government police state they now live in.

Many Americans naively believe the lie that owning guns and exotic military weaponry will get them back to their almost total lack of individual economic (worker) power. Not surprising in the current economic environment, they simultaneously blame foreign workers for a declining middle class, fostered by the same politicians they vote into public office.

SoberMoney believes our national gun fetish is an example of a subconscious Aryan male powerlessness. We see states run by vote-pandering white male dominated Republican poltiticians who pass laws that force women to undergo mandatory sonograms (like government broodmares).

These mysogynist right wing evangelical legislative efforts helps create the illusion they still have some control over their social beliefs - which are all they really have left after the global corporate elites havetotally compromised their labor rights.

The "Free Markets" Addiction  

Our Nation's unquestioned worship of "free markets" and wealth is very much like an alcoholic or drug addict who will harm or hurt anyone or anything that gets in his or her way of achieving unfettered profits. Money and profit has become our national pain killer - an insidious "drug" that numbs the fear and anger caused by four decades of middle and worker class economic neglect and abuse. 

In the United States, we no longer live in a free markets economy. We live in a globally coordinated, increasingly corporate totalitarian state - which controls governments with massive sums of lobby money and legal political bribes. If citizens balk, it uses its vast oligarchical police and security powers to coerce and convince gullible and fearful citizens (through their media news comglomerates) into believing that the global corporate system is the only sane way to live.

Functional Economic Thinking

If you read some or most of this website, we will provide information on how "mass economic activism' - both consumer and investor activism - is the most effective way to break our personal addictions and dissolve our economic delusions so we can dismantle economic elitist tyranny and the growing wealth and income disparity we see everyday.

In fact, our biggest political and economic problem in the US is our dysfunctional cognitive thinking. We must change both the way we think and act. We must give up the political lies that keep us feeling crazy and angry. In some cases we must change our thinking through our economic actions, and in other cases we must change our economic actions through self-respecting financial and poltiical analysis.

Bottom Line Reality-Based Economic and Political Thinking for open-minded US citizens:

  • Politicians work for their corporate lobby money masters - not you, the gullible voter-citizen

  • Big corporations control and manipulate our federal and state governnments - not the reverse

  • "Free markets" do not apply to large corporations - whose chartered objective is to control and own everything 

  • What benefits Wall Street most often hurts Main Street

  • True "Economic Freedom" would actually prevent global corporations from having unlimited access to the world's natural resources

  • Corporations reap billions of dollars in profit from individual addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, and gambling, debt, and celebrity fanaticism.

  • The evangelical "family values" politicians receive millions of dollars in lobby money and campaign contributions from media conglomerates and hotel chains who sell and distribute pornography and casinos. 

  • Republican politicians say they love small government - but constantly create big government legislation to restrict 1) women's reproductive health choices, 2) voter rights, and 3) the rights of the LGBT and Muslim citizen community.

  • Democratic politicians tell workers they look out for their interests, but behind the scenes get most of their campaign and lobby money from big corporations who keep workers in debt and disenfranchised.

  • Democrats talk about caring for the environment - but in reality have become part of the elite - working as high paid lobbyists for big dirty, coal, and mining companies after their political career ends.

Get real - or get left behind.

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