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We see once again that so many Republican pieces of legislation are often destructive acts of pointless cruelty - and an enduring monument to the Republican Party's total contempt for the majority of American people it has decided NOT to serve.

It is worth taking a step back and marvel at the sheer insanity of what the Republican Party is on the verge of doing.

There is no public purpose behind the legislation GOP elites are orchestrating, no courage to defend it to voters whose lives they are about to destroy, no recognition that it utterly lacks support and buy-in or even a kind word from any organized group in the entire field of medicine or insurance, no compunction about how it will radically remake one-sixth of the economy with a law they can't even explain to each other and haven't actually seen or helped draft, no shame about reversing themselves on public statements they made weeks or days or even hours ago about how they just can't bear to vote for it, no regret about using it to put millions of their fellow human beings through hell every day for weeks as Congress carelessly threatens their lives and livelihoods, no ability to stand up to their malevolent president who won't bother to understand or care about what they're doing as long as a bill ends up on his desk and allows him to tweet about his BIG WIN!

The GOP is full of people who want to stick it to The New York Times and college professors more than they want to make policy that will actually help people, or at least not make their lives demonstrably worse.

They are willing to ruin their constituents and ruin the lives of millions of people so that they might back-slap each other for a few minutes in the Rose Garden in the company of a demented charlatan President who will either end up humiliating and destroying them anyway or collapsing American society around himself and eating ice cream on top of the ruins.

The current Republican Party is run by the most selfish, cruel, and dangerous people to lead this country in 150 years and every day they find new and innovative ways to debase and invite shame on themselves. They make the corrupted elitism-lite of the Democratic Party look like the Girl Scouts. 

The only comfort right now is imagining the future that awaits the Republicans - that is if the Trump voters figure out that their angry gullibility has actually further filled the "Swamp" with more toxicity and crony tax revenue plunder - bogus tax dollar economic stimulus money they will not see a dime of.

The Republican Party's reward for kowtowing to their megalomaniac donors and their anarchistic primary voters - that is assuming that the United States does not continue down the road towards Trump's attempt to create a right wing police state - will hopefully be a series of stinging, comprehensive electoral defeats.

After three more years of Donald Trump (if he makes it that far) and the incompetent leadership of the current Republican Party, their deceptive populace ideology will be decimated as an organized force in American politics for a generation. They will have sacrificed themselves, their principles, their reputations, and their constituents for nothing more than greed, grandiosity, and their addiction to abusing poor people. They will forever be remembered as the enablers of a trash-heap president who is literally losing his mind in front of us and who may very well succeed in erasing a 240-year-old republic.

But in the end, if there is any justice in the universe, what they will do instead is watch a hopefully remodeled Democratic Party (or better yet a viable third-party run by good people) who crush them in the next three election cycles, sweep them and everything they believe aside, ignoring the lamentations of their vanquished press secretaries as they embark on a years-long progressive bender that will make Republicans wish they had just made their peace with ObamaCare and acted like the principled opposition they pretend to be.

Some Republican politicians will be gone before their legacy of toxicity becomes undeniable even to their most die-hard supporters. But others will live long enough to read the first chapters in the history books documenting their unfathomable cowardice, titanic greed, and galactic stupidity, describing how they precipitated a series of domestic Cuban Missile Crises and voted to launch the missiles, how they tried to bury the republic rather than keep it, how they prioritized their narrow political interests over basic human decency, again and again and again.

And in that moment, we can only hope, they will process the words describing their own depravity and they will understand that they have wasted their careers in the service of avarice and evil.

Americans have to make a very important decision very soon: Choose between an intelligent problem solving leadership that uses science, compassion and cooperation for all Americans - or choose an ideologically greedy and angry neo-racist capitalism that blames the "others" for our country's increasingly ominous economic and social problems.

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