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As long as Donald Trump is US President, which will be at least through 2020, it may not even be necessary to do any more economic analysis.

Why? Because almost all the economic decisions Trump and his Federal government  are going to make are market manipulative agendas designed to prop up the stock market - in a concerted effort to "fix" his 2020 re-election.

In effect, Trump is implementing a Wall Street corporate welfare electioneering economy. And no one on Wall Street, the Republican Party, or his base, cares.

The Democrat-run House may care, but they have little power to do anything about it. Ironically, the Republican "free markets" Party has now become the big corporate welfare party. Let me explain. 

Under Trump's economic agenda in the United States, we can no longer separate our investment economy from Trump's haphazard political agenda.

Since his election in 2016, Donald Trump has converted what remained of a functional US market economy and turned it into a national version of his New York-like real estate empire – by "hiring" (appointing) politically-compliant crony ideologues (and obvious fellow dysfunctionals like Stephen Miller and Stephen Mnuchin) to manipulate the US economy and the stock markets - for the primary purpose of stealing tax dollars and fixing his 2020 Presidential election chances.

What Trump’s corporate welfare cronyism means for the United States

First, let me state very definitively that "tax-funded corporate welfare” is the same thing that the right wing disparagingly calls “corporate socialism.” Here in lies the blatant hypocrisy.

Think of it this way: If America were a socialist nation, we would be using most of our tax dollars to create and sustain "government-provided goods and services" to the masses.

In America, because our laws are written to promote “private sector success” - and since we believe we are THE God-annointed capitalist global leader, we are now replacing the “government" part of our economy with "corporate" - by simply funneling more and more of our tax dollars to support the big lobby money controlled “corporate” provision of goods and services. 

Even our long-running national safety net money (aka “entitlements”) - which has been part of the U.S. economy (Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) since the mid-20th Century - and has almost solely funneled commoner tax dollars directly to the “big corporate” private sector. 

Confused? Answer this question: Name one government-run food provider or government-run health care provider (other than the VA) that receives even small amounts of tax dollars for the direct provision of safety net good or services?

Even women’s health care services like Planned Parenthood - and most other local indigent population health clinics - are NGOs that rely largely on citizen donations - with minimal funds coming from government-collected taxes.

Today, under the predatory privatizer Donald Trump, the neoRepublican Party, the elite evangelical family cabals that pander to Trump, and Wall Street’s big lobby money manipulators, we are now witnessing the privatization of our public education system, our Social Security fund, our military, our drinking water (an especially dangerous mindset), and the “don’t get sick” Republican non-health plan - pushed using “anti-socialist” propaganda - intended solely to promulgate the continuation of a dysfunctional insurance industry private payment system.

Extreme Deregulation - Trump's favorite form of corporate welfare

Under what can only be labeled as Trump's extreme privatization agenda, everything now is about about profit and even more profit, a uniquely American form of corporate “socialism” that blatantly redirects our tax dollars for the "profit" benefit of Trump’s favored fossil fuel companies, war corporations, and Wall Street hedge funds - all of whom are eternally grateful for their huge tax cuts, the almost total disregard for anti-trust laws, and, of course, their massive cost-cutting “profits” of deregulation.

America is now witnessing, under Predator Trump, deregulation policies designed to "profit" from:

  • degrading public safety regulations;
  • degrading public health standards like clean air and water;
  • profiteering through the trashing of consumer rights (to keep corporate criminal behavior immune from lawsuits);
  • profiteering from a harsh public sector border security mindset that separates immigrant children from their parents;
  • profiteering by making every effort to privatize our US public education system; and
  • turning our foreign policy into nothing more than unfettered weapons sales to global dictators and Middle East tyrants (who, with US support, directly killed innocent Muslim children in Yemen).

In fact we are now living in a manipulated U.S “political economic” system – an economic system being used not to benefit the nation as a whole, but to benefit the elite political families, including extreme right wing evangelical elites, and favored Wall Street lobby money entities.

In Trump’s Federal government, no economic decision is being made without favored elite profiteering and his 2020 re-election in mind. In Trump's self-obsessed mind, he will ONLY get re-elected if he can buy off Wall Street by making them even more money - and to get the stock market to stay up regardless of the consequences to the nation’s workers and their longer-term financial health.

Economically, look out below if Trump is re-elected  

If Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020 for another four years (and it looks like he will given how the Democrats are acting), there is a good chance the United States will be in for an economic "shit show" during his second term.

First of all, the Trump Administration is run by very narrow-minded ideologues. Like Trump, they are self-absorbed elitists who are willing to do anything to retain their power and influence in a fast changing United States that is seeing increased cultural and religious diversity.

In addition, 60% of an American citizen majority are wise enough to have a strong retro-desire to move away from an elite corporate oligarchy that is destroying our middle class - and re-direct it to a more egalitarian decentralized capitalist economy.

Of course the US corporate elites, especially the most ruthless of them, will spend unlimited funds to try and “buy” anti-boycott and anti-protest laws passed by their lobby money corrupted politicians. And as we saw with the Standing Rock dissent, corporations will hire and use both public and private police thugs to repress citiizen and consumer activism against big corporate and big lobby money power grabs and abuse.

Moreover, the Trump Administration is working with other global nationalist  "leaders” who are actively trying to prime Russia to condone a US/Israel/Saudi Arabia war with Iran. And, of course, like Iraq, a war with Iran is clearly about oil, even though it will be “sold” as some form of "anti-terrorism” propaganda - or some other made up Iranian aggression lie.

In the end, we clearly see what type of a person Trump is from the Mueller Report. Trump tries to portray himself as a victim. He is not. He is, in fact, a political and economic predator and social democracy anarchist.

Moreover, like Trump, untreated emotionally disturbed individuals in high stress situations - especially megalomaniacs who are constantly criticised and attacked by critics, will eventually lash out in very self-destructive ways, which is what we can expect Trump to do at some point in the future if cornered. We already see what he does on a daily basis.

If we combine Trump’s menacing emotional immaturity with his other advisors’ extremism ideas (Bolton, Pompeo, Stephen Miller, and Betsy Devos), it is inevitable some crisis will be created by this white nationalist cabal. We already see it with their inhumane immigration policies, how they ignored the citizens of Puerto Rico (who pay taxes but can’t vote), and the increasingly common news about mass shootings, unreported chemical spills, and other growing public health issues.


Regarding investments, the political lock Trump's "corporate welfare agenda" has on our national economic agenda will, in fact, temporarily reduce stock market volatility and the odds that the markets will go down much - at least until after the 2020 elections.

In essence, Trump consistently tries to intimidated the Federal Reserve Board (FOMC) into political submission, for the hope of more interest rate cuts to mask Trump’s economic charade. Fortunately, Jerome Powell, the FOMC Chair, has so far resisted Trump’s bullying. Powell, unlike Trump, seems to be a committed economic professional, as do many of the FOMC Board members.

The biggest risk to our long-term national financial health is living in a market economy that ignores the sanity of a progress-focused macro business environment, the intelligent use of science, innovative leadership competence, basic consumer protections, and a nation devoted to a diversity-minded business integrity that respects and rewards ALL citizens.

This can only be achieved using intelligent problem-solving instead of rigid economic ideologies that fosters increased income inequality.

Hopefully, when we one day get rid of the Wall Street kleptocrats and their bought and sold politicians who incessantly try to steal our tax dollars to enrich themselves, we can again move forward to a more "inclusive capitalism" - one that at least tries to share more wealth with the 60% of Americans who are still not participating in our stock market national wealth creation.

Ultimately, extreme ideological thinking creates dangerous political cults. Today, America seems to have become a divided nation of ideological cults. And cults are always based on obsessive denial, faulty thinking, and dangerous idolatry.

In the end, if our current national dysfunction doesn’t change, chaos and anarchy will reign, which is where we are headed now.

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