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To begin our comment on the recent surge of deadly gun predation in America, let us state that we 100% support the 2nd Amendment for hunting, self-defense, and recreational target shooting.

We do not support the 2nd Amendment as a way for hate promoters and conmen like the NRA's Wayne LaPierre or mostly Republican grifters like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and TX Governor "Shit on Wheels" to shamelessly fleece donor money from angry and dangerously gullible (mostly young white male) Americans who are easily manipulated with lies and hate into blaming anyone but themselves for their own rage, depression, bad life choices, general social incompetence, or sick emotional incest parenting, like we saw with the white trash mother of the punk murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.

A 12-Step Program for Closeted Gun Predators?

Americans must ask ourselves this important question: What do we do about our Nation's easy access to war weaponry by deranged young men who end up killing children, people of color, Jews, or anyone else they insanely deem responsible for their own self-destructive hate?

Of course there’s no shortage of reasons offered as to why America has a gun violence problem, but isn’t a lot of it because America has become an "every man for himself - winner takes all narcissistic culture that chews up and spits out people who can’t understand that it is often their own political representatives who are fast turning their America into a 21st century failed state?"

Sure, with hard work, some luck, and apparently a chunk of inherited family wealth, we can fly as high as we want here in America. But if we fall by the wayside, for whatever reason, our nation's response today is “yes, it sucks to be you, but that's not our problem!"

Scapegoat Economics

42% of the people in America make $15 an hour or less. How much of a life can one really have on that budget? Is it really a surprise when an unemployed or low paid disillusioned American male who has been radicalized by Republican hate or web channels like 8chan becomes a mass shooter? Apparently wearing Axe body spray doesn't quite solve the problem!

Yes, Americans today own way too many guns. But America has an epidemic of school mass murder violence partly because it has an epidemic of too many pathetic guys who were always picked last in gym class!

Today these deranged loners either want to exact revenge, join the Proud Boys so they can beat protesters, or become a male fluffer for Matt Gaetz.

Forget red flags, maybe America just needs to identify the young male "incels" who cut their own bangs. Sure, profiling is wrong - but if a guy takes his mother to the prom, or thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene is hot, he must arbitrarily go on the national gun ban list.

Need a dependable friend? The NRA has a slogan solution for America's "male isolation" rage: “The only friends you need are Smith and Wesson.”

And isn't it time the NRA changes its most stupid of slogans to “guns don’t kill people, seething loners who can’t get love and self-respect kill people.”

“Armed and seething lonely” is not a good combination for America’s school children

More than ever, America's young adults - especially young men - are silently living in a deep and lonely social isolation crisis. 22 percent of Millennials say they don’t have any friends; 25 percent say they don’t even have an acquaintance; 10 percent didn’t know that pizza comes in slices so they can actually share with friends.

And what is it that has made young people so lonely?

One big reason is they’re addicted to their iDevices looking at social media fantasies - which were supposedly designed to connect them to real people - but which has often only made them more depressed, angry, and predatory.

Today, the internet is where desperate angry young men go from lonely and depressed to radicalized and lethal.

Americans used to wake up, read the paper, see all the terrible things in the world and say “Oh well, at least my life is better than those poor schmucks.”

But now it’s the opposite. Social media - as a sneaky way to sell ads and our privacy - tells viewers "everyone else is having more fun than you, and with more toys and more friends."

It seems the “winners” on social media are always in St. Kitts having Mai Tais at sunset while the “losers” are in Waco, TX selling plasma during their lunch break - or listening to Ted Nugent in their bedroom at Mom's house.

Before Instagram, one could be a "loser" - but not know it - because the winners weren’t always in your face. Now, even a mundane social media post of avocado toast in a hipster coffee shop sends the message “I’m having fun and you’re not. Enjoy your cup of Ramen noodles, fatty.”

This is how the Internet makes one crazy - and potentially violent. Desperate young men watch the “haves” on Instagram and then head over to racist anarchy sites like 8chan to brood with Trump 1/6 insurrectionists, violent hate groups, and paranoid conspiracy theory “have-nots.”

Being a loser used to just mean that you stayed home on Friday nights to get a head start on your Star Wars fan fiction.

Now Americans have racist "take action" networks like 8chan: 8chan is where three of the mass shooters so far posted their pre-massacre hate manifestos - and where Trump’s favorite cult - QAnon - got started.

8chan is to angry white men what Waffle House is to gastric bypass patients - unhealthy and self-destructive.

Sane and real social interaction 

All young American adults need real friends. Not chatroom friends. Not Facebook friends. Not fellow paranoids feeding each other white supremacy lies on a computer screen.

They need real human friends who can look them in the eye and tell them that their theories about the coming race war is paranoid bullshit. And to tell them that social media isn’t real; that it’s too often where losers go to compensate for their inability to connect due to a family legacy of shame and dysfunction.

“Loser” young men especially must be told by sane caring friends to stop believing the lie that some loser New York real estate conman is going to save them from themselves. They must understand that idolizing some celebrity hater Is just further distorting their own reality in a doomed attempt to big themselves up.

And finally, speaking of sociopaths who distort reality to big themselves up, Ted Cruz was asked by a BBC reporter a very important question at the recent NRA convention in Houston last weekend:

Why do almost all school massacres only happen in America?”

Of course Ted Cruz couldn’t answer that simple and obvious question. Like he always does when he has no canned RNC talking point, he slithered out the nearest door - because to honestly answer that question would require thought, compassion, and more pointedly, a soul.

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