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Boycott Products From and Cease Travel to the AbomiNations

Certain countries on our beautiful planet are run by mean-spirited oligarchs or totalitarian-like regimes who do little for the people of their nation - and often ride roughshod over their citizens or the neighboring populace, often with repressive police state or military tactics.

Yet some of these countries are often called "democracies" by Wall Street; but that is primarily because these nations are business friendly to the US -  corrupted by massive public health and safety deregulation or even wholly unregulated foreign capital corporate access. 

In other words, these often oligarch-run or imperial regimes are very friendly to foreign corporations, allowing them to come in the nation and exploit their natural resources and cheap citizen labor. Or, the nation is run by nationalistic leaders who want to control not only their own nations, but other nations near their perimeters.

1. The 21st century version of apartheid - Israel

The first thing to understand about the Israeli ocupation of Gaza and Hamas is that many of the Arab groups in the region sided with Hitler during WW2. If you look at the Hamas charter, it uses very similar terminology when describing Israel as the Nazi Party did before and during WW2 - leading to the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, however, the Jewish people around the world are now forced to be associated with Israel's right wing war party -Likud - which is akin to the far right leaning US neoRepublican Party. That comparison in particular means Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a Middle East version of Donald Trump.

Moreover, the Likud Party is increasingly run by a growing number of extremist Arab-hating nationalists. In other words, a military / heavy handed policing solution seems to be the only path the Likud Party is willing to accept. As a result, Israel falls right into the geo-political international public opinion objectives of Hamas: Israel ends up committing war crimes and human rights abuses during their frequent invasions into Gaza.

Other than the United States and the global war profiteers who love the Israeli military, the world is no longer willing to buy the Israeli rationalization that Hamas and their weaponry is hiding among its Gaza citizens, the main reason they are using to kill hundreds of Arab children and civilians."   

Sadly, as we see the Israeli people move further and futher to the intransient and increasingly violent right, they will slowly see more and more international investment assets pulled out of their nation and their publicly-traded companies. 

A little history

For a great historical pespective about the creation of Israel and why it is acting the way it is today, one should read "The Iron Wall." This book was written almost two decades ago by an Israeli scholar at Oxford University. For an investor (or historian) who really wants to see both sides of the Arab-Israeli hate, and to better understand why both Israel and many of the regional Arab nations can be called "AbomiNations," read this book.

The one reality that stuck out in the book was the fact that Israel - since its creation after WW2 - was always under either military or terror attack from the region's Arabs. Hence, during those first three major regional wars (which started in the 1960s), Israel would justifiably create and maintain "protective buffer zones" during their military actions (always victories) against Arab aggression. 

However, once those buffer zones were created and secured, Israel would build settlements on the "buffer zones." During and after the settlements were built on the buffer zones, the Palestinians would object, often violently, and yes, often with terrorist violence. After each Arab terror attack, Israel would again justify additional "buffer zones" to protect the first "buffer zone" they created for defensive purposes. 

Sadly, the constant creation of more and more "buffer zones" over the last 50 years is largely the problem and a new form of creeping imperialism of Israel in the region. For both the Israelis and the Arabs, it is a horrible situation.

Israel, like America, has hard working well-intentioned people. But, like America, Israel, which is labeled a "democracy," has increasingly used inexcusable military "solutions" - especially under the leadership of the extremist Likud politicians. This behavior further and further erodes their political and economic standing internationally. 

Keep in mind the last time an Israeli Prime Minister sincerely attempted peace, he was assassinated by an extremist Zionist Israeli with indirect links to Netanyahu's poltical movement at the time (now the Likud Party).

* Boycott products and divest your investment capital from Israeli companies; boycott travel to Israel - until their citizens elect leadership that sincerely want peace and a workable solution to the deadly Israeli - Gaza impasse.

* To see a list of international companies profitting off the Israeli occupation of the Gaza, go to

2. The failed capitalist state of Bangladesh

Bangadesh could be called a "democracy". They have a citizen elected Prime Minister. However, due to the rampant poverty in Bangladesh, American retailers have been using the loosely termed "garment manufacturers" there as their death camp sweatshops. We have all heard the stories of Wal-Mart etc. denying their role in the deaths of hundreds of women and teenage workers - occuring when unsafe fire trap buildings were used to make their cheap contracted products.

3. The Whaling AbomiNations of Japan, Norway, and Iceland 

These are the only three countries in the world who have continued to hunt and kill whales, despite the international global ban on whaling.

* Boycott the fishing products from these three nations.

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