* NO ONE likes abortions. But no government, politicians or citizen should have the God-complex authority to force a woman to make reproductive decisions that do not come from her own freedom of choice, especially after consultation with family, doctors, and clergy.

In the evangelical right wing states of the United States, the primarily Republican Party leadership is obsessed with installing big governent anti-abortion legislation designed to humilate women into letting these misguided "Christian" politicians control their reproductive rights - overriding the family planning choices of women, their spouses or mates, their doctors, and their clergy. It is largely disrespectful of our democratic values and it treats women like  broodmares for the state. 

At SoberMoney, we call these US Republican run mysogynist states the "GyneColonies."

As stated above, these "gynecolonies" are mostly evangelical right wing governments, where even their "Adam's Rib" female voters of these states encourage big government laws that take away their own individual rights. Sadly, these mostly subservient voting women - the Adam's rib voters - blindly vote against their own individual gender freedom and rights. 

in what simply bad for America, the evangelical right wing politicians - and their voters - in these gynecolonies want all Americans to be like them: primarily white, certainly male-subservient, and promoters of big government when it suits their moral compass - which is generally evangelical, heterosexual, anti-immigrant, and addicted to money and profit.

Moreover, the GyneColony's big government right wing legislation in these state are at the heart of attacking women's rights, worker rights, minority rights, voter rights, the environment, individual free choice, and almost everything else that doesn't fit into their vision of America.

The evangelical leaders of the gynocolonies truly believe the superiority of their value system, which makes them extremely dangerous for American democracy. They seem to have a sometimes violent disdain for anything that is different from what they believe in.

SoberMoney believes this abberrant political mindset is based on a rigid and antiquated white evangelical social contract - combined with a misguided neoRepublican Party nationalism - reminiscent of the old Civil War Confederacy. They quietly condone killing doctors that provide abortion services to women - and they do not hesitate to limit freedom of choice whenever it suits their American Taliban religious beliefs.

Hence, these states continually attempt to pass big government legislation forcing 1) mandatory sonograms on women, 2) heterosexual only marriage laws, 3) mandatory photo voting I.D. for citizens who would generally vote against the racial and economic philosophy of the neoRepublican Party. In other words, socially repressive laws that are homophobic, xenophobic, covert with racism, and disrespectful of the intelligence and moral compass of women.

Big Government Hypocricy, Not "Conservatives"

More directly, these self-righteous Republican overlords proclaim to be "small government" conservatives, especially when it comes to economic deregulation efforts that pollute our water and our food. Yet they have absolutely no problem using big government legislation to repress the free choice of women, voters, and other people whose behavior, lifestyle and choices they don't like.

In reality, they are not "conservative" at all. They are politically misquided power addicts who use a distorted interpretation of Christianity as their political tool.

The GyneColony Leaders Only Understand Power and Money

Do everything we can to hinder and/or cut off their money supply.  

One way to intervene in the political power addiction in the gynecolony states is, whenever possible, boycott travel to - and doing business with the companies - domiciled in these US states. These states are the real "Duck Dynasties" that require our "economic intervention activism" - such as 1) travel boycotts to these states and 2) consumer boycotts and investor divestment the largestbbusinesses domiciled in these GyneColony states.

1. GyneColony states (the politicians in these states treat women like government broodmares - disrespecting a women's freedom) are:

North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota

West Virginia

* To research the names of businesses and publicly-traded companies in each of the GyneColont states - so you can initiate consumer boycotts and divestment actions, go to http://www.crmz.com/directory/CountryUS.htm and click on the GyneColony state to which you want to identify your economic activist power.