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We now live in a time when most political, financial, and cultural news information provided nationwide by the major media outlets is insipid pro-business, sensationalism-for-profit, celebrity idolatry disinfotainment.

Sadly, It has become a dangerously powerful life altering influence that does its best to keep citizens and consumers in the dark about the real agendas of powerful Wall Street elites and their politician servants.

In today's political economy, largely a result of corporate media, Americans have become more closed minded than ever to new ideas or concepts that challenge their almost "evangelical" assumptions about "American Dream" capitalism and neoliberal economics. Ironically, as a result, Americans are living in fear of losing what they are already losing as a result of their media-fostered economic and political ignorance.

Hence, most Americans have bought into the standard and outdated economic theories such as “supply side“ and the elite plunder “trickle down” - in spite of the reality that these theories are now degrading the economic stability of the American middle class (and our democracy).

Increasingly, these now bogus economic tenets, combined with almost no mass divestment and/or consumer boycott activism, are slowly creating a failed US economic state. 

Moreover, Americans are continually (and strangely) voting against their own economic interests, apparently buying into the misinformation and disinformation of antiquated free markets concepts served up by the big money donor-owned politicians, concepts that are no longer effective in the 21st century.

Destructively, we as citizens are ignoring what is happening to our degrading national infrastructure, our rights as consumers, our civil liberties, and in general the growing economic decline of middle class US citizens.

As a consequence of our increasing economic inequality (and the growing civil unrest it is causing), we also see an overwhelming bias in ethnic minority prison incarceration - coinciding with dangerous levels of xenophobia, racial divisiveness, and big government predatory legislation enacted by extremist Christian Republican State legislators - against voters who are disenfranchised or don't have the same cultural, political, economic, and religious values of these primarily white evangelicals.

In a nutshell, the United States is slowly turning into a low wage corporatocracy.

Furthermore, in the minority dominated urban areas we are witnessing a mean-spirited police state environment. In those urban areas, where public funding is more necessary, we are also witnessing the dismantling and the creeping privatizatization of public services in the “political theocracies“ of the southern and rural mid-western states. 

A great example of the democratic failings of corporate media (which controls 90% of what is available on our cable TV systems) is the ascendance of Donald Trump, whose bigoted and divisive energy is exploited by corporate media to generate ad revenues, regardless of the effect it has on American civility and political discourse.

Just as Barack Obama resurfaced the closet racism that was lying dormant in the American consciousness for decades, Trump has brought out even more deep seated white Christian anger, this time directed at Mexicans and Muslims.

American anger at our failing economic support network is being erroneously directed through a scapegoating xenophobic lens, rather than toward the real problem - our corrupt two-party political system of government and the corporate greed that has rigged laws for their benefit and against the average American citizen.  

Boycott the Beast - Cut the Cord

The best solution to the educational and cultural failure of corporate media for failing to work in the public interest is to severly hurt their profits. As a mass boycott movement, Americans should cancel their cable TV subscriptions (i.e."cut the cord"). 

In the end, product and service boycotts - and stock ownership divestment - is the best and only truly effective way to affect change in a capitalist society where even the so-called “public media“ is structured to foster private sector profits for a two-party elitist system that views itself as superior to average working class Americans.

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