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Up until 2020, the US stock market economy did very well given the on-going chaos created by Trump's megalomaniacal and anarchist global trade wars. Of course his tax cuts for the rich and his deregulation fanatacism increased corporate profits as well.

And now, the COVID-19 economy is upon us; but that will not stop the White Jesus privatization cult from continuing to steal our tax dollars and promote their institutionalized racism on America.

Today, we must be prudent and err on the conservative side when the political economy is in consistent upheaval, especially with the increasingly insane ugliness and divisiveness we see with the vile predator Donald Trump.

Even though Wall Street doesn't seem to care that the country is being run by a aging neofascist madman - as long as they keep making money, we all must understand that ultimately our investment assets are vulnerable to the heightened volatility and risk created by the increasingly sick Trump leadership.

Sadly, what is becoming even more dangerous than the racist actions of Donald Trump himself is the hateful racist people that were showing up at his Nuremburg-like proto-fascist political rallies, where this cult of right wing "deporables" gather to chant conspiracy theories and demonize any person who challenges their cult madness over Donald Trump and his bogus evangelical political economic cabal.

Anyone who has the intelligence and courage to call Trump out for what he is: an ignorant racist wannabee tyrant, will be targeted by his hate cult.    

Market Manipulation

Racist national sociopathy aside, we are also seeing a distorting stock market manipulation strategy from Fuhrer Trump and his economic thugs. All one has to do it watch the news cycle and observe how Trump and his fellow kleptomaniacs are constantly trying to shame and intimidate the US central bank into manipulate interest rates solely to make themselves richer - and to minimize the damage being done by his totally incompetent Covid-19 response and his protectionist tariff policies. 

Q: Why do we need lower interest rates when the stock markets are hitting all time highs?  

A: Because there are darker economic problems on the horizon!

Of course instead of letting the stock markets forge their own direction based on what's left of normal supply and demand stock market pricing, Trump, who would be just another inheritance-rich sociopath if he hadn’t learned how to manuipulate mass media like his mentor Roy Cohn, or after his KKK member father and corrupt NYC real estate hood. Clearly, Trump knows that other than his remaining hate cult voters, he is only trying to fix his election by buying off the mass unemployed with bailouts and corrupting the US central bank. 

Economically, for years we’ve been seeing an on-going decline in the inflation-adjusted purchasing power of the average American worker. Only the upper middle class and the rich are immune to Wall Street's cutthroat private sector wage policies, implemented mostly to make sure the stock market continues higher and their corporate executives get richer by the day.

We are also witnessing the accelerating employment decline in the US brick and mortal retail economy, showcased by increasingly low product inventory levels and fast changing consumer patterns are fostering the seismic shift to online purchases. This slow death of traditional retail employment has yet to "officially" show up in our government-reported national unemployment numbers.

And add to our daily investment risk the fact that we now have a group of global economic “anarchists” working in the White House who are even willing to go to war to deflect the truth about what is really happening to the average American worker.

As a result of tariffs, we are already seeing negative economic data coming out of Europe and Asia, and it’s just a matter of time that we see similar negative economic effects here in the US, even though the White House is “massaging” the domestic economic numbers the average American is broadcast by a lazy corporate financial media.

Another sign of pending market volatility is the US Central Bank (Federal Reserve Board) abruptly reversed its interest rate stance to a “lowering interest rate” posture from a “rising interest rate” posture right after the May decline - for the purpose of offsetting the contentious tit for tat trade threats.

Readers may not be up on the history of the stock markets and how the US central bank influences or manipulates the stock market with interest rates. But know that when Wall Street demands lower interest rates to “bailout” their fear and confusion, the US stock market economy is running out of momentum.

So how long can we keep up this stock market - interest rate yoyo co-dependence? When and what type of "intervention" will be required?

It seems obvious now that Wall Street investment sentiment can only be positive if they can be assured of mass bailouts and even lower interest rates to keep the markets headed up.

In other words, the stock prices of US corporations are clearly dependent on government welflare to continue their upward trajectory. Sound corporate management and free market forces seem to matter less and less.  

The stock market’s addiction to the US central bank willingness to always come to their rescue with lower interest rates is simply a warning sign the US “stock market” economy is not as healthy as the corporate media and the politicians in power want us to believe.

Here we go with the idiocratic anti-socialism” scare mongering

Another sign of endemic political economic deceit that exist in the sick politics of Trump: During the next 18 months leading up to the 2020 elections, watch Trump and many of the Vichy Republicans in Congress bring out the ludicrous "socialism" scare tactic.

To anyone with a working brain, this fear mongering tactic is nothing more than another cynical and bogus attempt to dupe gullible, ill-informed voters into thinking their Democratic or independent opponents are tainted. Of course the opposite is true.

"Socialism" as an electioneering scare tactic will be the 2019-20 electoral version of the Joe McCarthy communism intimidation that scandalized our nation during the Eisenhower administration.

Using socialism as a political scare tactic is, in fact, a clear sign that the right wing political elites are terrified the American public will see the truth about their failing economic policies.

Hopefully this ridiculous “socialism” scare tactic will be viewed by most normal sane voters as just another cynical and desperate measure designed to provide a little more time to a Vichy Republican platform that is in its death bed, in spite of their delusional arrogance and grandiosity.

In my view, political economy critics who are intelligent, thoughtful and honest offering positive problem-solving analyses of the failures of our elite-controlled US economy under Trump are the only Americans that truly deserve my respect - or my vote. They are the real patriots - wanting to make America better for the Americans that deserve it.

At least these Americans are trying to offer some light within the increasing darkness of our current political economy - unlike what the bullies who are part of the Trump hate cult, which is to create chaos and divisiveness among Americans.  

Americans are going to have to make a choice. Either they continue to gullibly vote for white supremacy and Trump crony kleptomania - or choose a new sane national leadership that is not based on hate, mysogyny, racism and tax theft.

One last thing: Trump and his racist mob followers need to go back to the country and era they came from: 1930s Germany.


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