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While America increasingly and accurately lays much of the blame for the unnecessary national spread of Coronavirus on Donald Trump’s horrifyingly inept Federal governance, the Trump media machine keeps feeding his gullible cult base more manipulative political nonsense.
As the rest of America does everything it can to fight the Corona viral tide, Trump’s media crusaders are doing their best to rewrite his failures into triumphs, his lies into gospel, and his petty grievances into righteous battles.
You would think that at long last the people who have empowered Donald Trump from the beginning would stare into their hearts and finally reassess their bizarre obedience to this sick man.
You would think that the daily Covid-19 body count would strike some chord deep in their souls.
You would also think that his political base at long last would see past the bluster and lies, and finally, at long last, demand something sane and competent of him.
Sadly, for this nation, it may be that Donald Trump and his cult enablers love every second of the media circus surrounding this crisis.
For Trump himself, it’s what he always craves: attention, the spotlight, and the sole focus of everyone, everywhere.
The Coronavirus pandemic is entirely a sick reality TV show for him, a daily opportunity to play to the camera.
Like a monkey behind the wrought-iron White House fences throwing rhetorical feces at his chosen enemies, praiseturbating over his own brilliance, and retrofitting reality to suit his political and ego needs, Trump’s only regret about COVID-19 is that the show will someday end.
American Must Never Forget The Reality
Just weeks ago, Trump and members of his administration suggested that the coronavirus was not just “contained,” but contained “pretty close to airtight.”
They compared deaths from Covid-19 to deaths from smoking and opioids; they even fired a Navy captain for daring to sound the alarm about the spread of the virus aboard his aircraft carrier, and he later tested positive for the disease himself.
The president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, declared live on national TV that the Strategic National Stockpile was “....OUR stockpile” and not for use by hard-hit states.
Republican members of Congress took photos mocking the spread of Covid-19; went swimming in the Senate pool hours after being tested for the disease; insisted on shaking hands with reporters on Capitol Hill; and told their constituents that it was a “great time to just go out, go to a local restaurant” — in clear defiance of scientific advice on social distancing.
Never forget the moronic GOP governors across the country who refused to close beaches, refused to stop going out to crowded public places, and either refused to listen to the scientific advice on social distancing or pretended to be unaware of it.
By the start of April, as the national death toll mounted, eight governors in the U.S. had “decided against issuing statewide directives urging their residents to stay at home” — all of them Republicans.
Moreover, Trump's cult propaganda Fox News hosts fell over one another between January and March to dismiss or downplay the threat from the coronavirus, which one described as “yet another attempt to impeach the president”; another said the more they learned about it “the less there is to worry about it”; while yet another announced that “it was the safest time to fly.”
The biggest name on Fox News, the vile & soulless Sean Hannity, not only compared the coronavirus to the seasonal flu, but he also suggested that it might be a “deep-state” plot against Trump while accusing Democrats of “weaponizing an infectious disease” to “bludgeon” the president.
Never forget the dozens of other insane right-wing media personalities who misrepresented a graph and claimed that the “coronavirus is LESS dangerous than the seasonal flu” for people under 60; who derided those warning about the dangers of the virus as a “doomsday cult”; who suggested that we might be “better off if we gave [the coronavirus] to everybody” in order to save the stock market; who wondered whether it “might be better off letting a few hundred thousand people die.”
The long ago discredited Glenn Beck, who once accused Barack Obama of trying to kill elderly patients with his “death panels,” insisted that older Americans should ignore the risk of infection and return to work because “even if we all get sick, I would rather die than kill the economy.”
Never forget the numerous far-right Christian evangelical pastors who tried to blame the coronavirus on everything from the liberal “transgendering” of “little children” to “a world that has turned its back on God.”
One of them was arrested in Florida, after defying local coronavirus restrictions and holding packed church services, further endangering the lives of responsible Floridians.
Another evangelical nutcase claimed to have destroyed the virus by blowing “the wind of God” on it during a sermon.
Never forget what these reckless and moronic people said and did, how dangerously and shamefully they behaved, as American jobs were lost in their millions and American lives were lost in their thousands. 
Never forget — and, most important of all, never listen to any of these disturbed people about anything ever again.

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